1. How do I book?

To ensure that we can provide the highest standard of service we need certain information about your child. A completed registration form is required for each child with details of address, telephone numbers, relevant medical history and emergency contact details, etc. All information is kept on file and is confidential, with access given to staff only. The more information we have the better we can meet you and your child’s needs.

If you book a place for your child you are required to sign a contract detailing your booking requirements. You will be asked to confirm continuation of the place towards the end of each school year. Holiday child care should be booked on a separate holiday contract 2 weeks before the beginning of that holiday period. We are happy to accept short notice and same day bookings for your child if they are registered but this is subject to availability. We’ll do our best to help you.

  1. Can I reserve a place for September?

Please contact us in May; we need to check what child care our current parents require. Siblings of current, registered children will take priority. All bookings will be based on a first come first serve basis.

  1. Where are you?

Kaleidoscope uses a room at Browick Road Primary School, Wymondham.

We also have the use of a fenced outside area, the playground, climbing frame, the field and the adventure play trail. Children are supervised at all times.

  1. What will my child be doing?

Kaleidoscope is all about free play.

Our play curriculum places emphasis on providing safe, stimulating and varied activities for all of the children to take part in. Each child is encouraged to make their own choices in their play in order to promote their independence and self-esteem.

We encourage team and co-operative games during both indoor and outdoor play.

All of our equipment is carefully chosen to suit all age ranges and quality educational toy suppliers are used. All equipment is checked daily to ensure children’s safety.

  1. What's included in a breakfast?

Breakfast Club offers a wide selection of cereals or toast with a variety of spreads.

Fruit and/or a yogurt, orange juice, water or milk.

  1. Where do I collect from?

Parents and carers collecting children are politely requested not to drive their vehicles up the drive onto the playground for obvious site safety reasons. Please also note that our doors are locked during session times. Please knock on the door to the room to be let in.

Parents/carers are asked to sign in and out their children in the book provided when they are brought in or collected. This is a safety requirement and a regulation of our management committee.

Also for safety reasons we ask that the supervisor is ALWAYS informed if there is to be any change to the collection arrangements. Children will only be allowed to leave with named adults who are on the registration form.

If there is an unavoidable problem that causes you to be late picking up please phone the supervisor and let us know. Tel. 07884 187967. We also have a late fee in operation.

  1. Can I collect early?

Yes of course. You are welcome to collect your child whenever you like. Please note that the session price does not change if you decide to collect early.

  1. What if I need to cancel?


  1. What if my child has a club which is ran by the school?

Just let your class teacher know which club they are attending and stress to them that they are coming to Kaleidoscope after. They will pass this on to the club leader and they will deliver your child to us after their club has finished. We obviously need to be notified of this too to ensure we know where your child is!

  1. Do you accept child care vouchers?

Yes. We are currently registered with Computer Share, Edenred, Care4, Faircare, Fideliti, Kiddivouchers, Sodexo, Busy Bees Benefits and Salary Exchange.

  1. My child has a food allergy, can you cater for them?

Of course! We pride ourselves on being flexible with our snacks and can cater for your child’s needs. If your child requires a specific dietary requirement, please come and talk to a member of staff.